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Frozen: Magical Story

Rp 75,000.00


Rp 60,000.00

He’s big,
he’s hairy,
but is he scary?
Meet monstersaurus, a brand new character from the creators of the bestselling Aliens Love Underpants.

Princess Milly’s Mixed Up Magic the Birthday Surprise

Rp 60,000.00

Perfect for 3-6 year old girls, the brand new Princess Milly series is full of sparkles, magic and mischief. Little girls will love discovering that friendship is a spell that always works for Princess Milly and her princess friends! Princess Milly wants to create the perfect Birthday celebration for her friend Ella but, try as she might, her magic always gets muddled up! From cupcake chaos to a giant cakey crisis, Milly’s spells keep spinning out of her control. Magic spells, potions and wishes abound and Milly and her friends try their very best to create a magical Princess party.

Rudey’s Windy Christmas

Rp 60,000.00

An hilarious story full of noises and naughtiness. A sure-fire Christmas cracker of a book! ‘Oh, dearie me!’ said Rudey. Now I’ve done a windy pop! This is a bit embarrassing. I’ll do my best to stop.’ Rudey has eaten too many sprouts and the explosive effect is smelt all around the world as he helps Santa deliver presents on Christmas Eve. The other reindeer have laughed so much, they’re out of puff. How ever will they get the sleigh back home?

Twenty-Five December Lane

Rp 60,000.00

In this luminous picture book, a young girl wanders through the snow on Christmas Eve, looking for a gift for a very special someone (her baby brother, we later learn). She happens upon a glowing toy shop, but before she can select a present, a mysterious old gentleman–Santa himself–scoops up everything in the store. All seems to be lost until Santa sends the perfect gift spinning from his sleigh, helping the girl find Christmas after all.
Rich illustrations illuminate this heartwarming story about generosity and the Christmas spirit. A visual standout with its oversized trim, the cover features red-foil type and embossed snowflakes.